Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm not sure that is actually a word.  I'm using it anyway.  I am going to get rid of shit.  Is that more clear?  Not as poetic though, I know.

We are a small family of three and I can't believe the crap we have.  I was looking around our house the other day......really no need for a lot of it.  I have reciepts and tax returns from when I was in high school!!!  Mark wants to do a bonfire, and now the weather is cooling off enough to do that one of these evenings.  My point to that stement is that a lot of that old paperwork will be going in that bonfire.

I'm downsizing in more ways than one.  Hailey has a bunk bed that is a full size bed on bottom and twin on top.  We are selling it.  She only needs a twin bed, I know why we bought the bunk bed.......unfortunately that scenario has passed and it takes up a lot of room in her bedroom.  I have clothes in my closet I have not worn for years, other things floating around our house that we do not need.

I'm feeling like we need to downsize and get rid of a lot.  Am I nesting, or what is going on with me........I can't stand to look at it anymore. 

City wide garage sales are coming up in September again......guess's all going out the door!



  1. You should do before and after pics. I love organizing and purging. xoxo.

  2. yayyyyyy!!!! Go girl!!!!!