Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's stinking hot here!  Wow, 93 degrees actual today with a 109degree heat index!  Hot and sticky (sounds like an 80's hair band song) YUCK!

I miss my friends, haven't heard from them in a while.  Missed the Guild meeting last month, now it seems like a year since I've seen or talked to them.  Haven't had a chance to quilt much either, I need a day off!  OK, let's make a schedule for quilting and go from there.  My iron had quit working so I was out of commission for a while.  I got a cheapy to get me back on track the other day though so now I need to find my groove again!

Know what this HOT HUMID weather means?  You don't?  Oh, let me tell you........SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS.  Tornadoes, hail, high winds, you know, all the fun stuff.

Here's a pretty flower, looks like night out but it's not......just stormy.

More stormy weather flowers.  All our flowers and the garden have taken a big hit this year.

Check back in a while to see if we are still here.  Might be following Dorothy flying over Kansas........


PS  the spell checker always highlights my name......can I be added to the dictionary please?


  1. Miss you too! We have been racing or working at the track... I have not even sewed Barb's row...Millie can ride her bike now!