Friday, July 16, 2010


So I'm checking want-ads as we speak.  Well not while I'm typing this but as you are reading this.  My wish, someday is to work out of my home and not to have to work in the grind.  Since moving here I have seen the most amazing display of laziness, contempt and petty childishness I have EVER witnessed anywhere.  I have only had one job since moving who know me know where I am talking about.

It all amazes me and stuns me and I can't believe I am in the "heartland" and seeing absolutely NO "heart" at all.  I have been ruined for th ework I am doing.  It has left a bad taste in my mouth and now I am gun shy........what business can I do from my home and make enough to support my family?

Unfortunately, construction is lazy and sporadic in this country which translates that Mark can no longer support us on his own.  In Montana he could have.......not here.  It's been a serious blow to his masculine ego and changed his whole personality.  Of course, I believe mine has most definitely been changed also.  I HAVE to be working to help support us.  I could have had a choice before, not anymore.  It sucks.

The economy sucks now which translates to there are NO jobs out there.  Seriously, anything above hamburger flipper does not exist....look at the classifieds next time you read the news paper.  The few positions listed above burger flipping are very specialized.

I'm broadening my scope and keeping my "door" open.  Something will come along and I will be "saved". 

"Just keep swimming.......just keep swimming......just keep swimming"  To quote one of my daughters favorite movies.

I'm pushing out the posotive vibes.......please help me push them out there......a change has to be coming on these stormy winds, and I don't want to be blinking when it blows by!

Love you guys!  


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