Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm gonna miss her.......

My daughter is leaving this weekend to spend 1 WHOLE WEEK with her Grandma.  She's gonna love it.  Helping with chores, she loves helping with "farm" chores, brushing and riding horses, going swimming, getting ice cream form the local shop.  Yeppers, she's gonna have a blast, and I doubt she'll even miss dear old Mom and Dad.

This is how she watches TV these days.........
(By the's 77 degrees in this house and those are her WINTER pajamas.......she's CRAZY!)

In fact.......she actually said:

"So you and Daddy are going to take me to Grandmas', stay ONE night and then go home, right?"

"Um it might be two nights honey"

"No, you are staying one night then going home."

"We don't get to see Grandma and visit?"

"Only for one night."

I can see we'll really be missed.....NOT!

She has a favorite cereal too that Grandma introduced to her.  It's adult cereal and it's about as healthy as it gets, all natural, no sugar, no preservatives, no nothing.

Did I mention it looks like DOG FOOD!?!?!?

Missing her already.........Gentrie

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