Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home Sick.......

I've been reminiscing lately and find myself a little homesick.  My parents sold there place in Montana when they moved to South Dakota.  (Yes I still consider that 20 acres home, literally half or more of my life has fond memories there.) They bought that 20 acres when I was 1 year old.....I was 31 when they sold and moved.  So.....needless to say it was the only home I knew for a VERY long time.  I've been missing it lately......the town and all.  Although the town is not the same as when I was growing up there (a lot smaller).

Big Porcupine Creek, I love driving through this area the S curve meant I was almost there! We lived on Little Porqupine Road.

The courthouse where my Mom worked for 20-some odd years, I spent a lot of time exploring that place killing time waiting for my Mom. (I'll tell you a secret, I've been in that dome on top!  SSSSHHHH, don't tell!  Stain glass floor in there......awesome!)

I floated this river.........A LOT!  When I wasn't doing that I was working....as a lifeguard....water was my life!

The "F" Hill....we lit the F every Homecoming during the bonfire on Kokomo Hill......sounds cool huh?  It was!

Such memories, I'm needing to go back and visit, but it is soooooo far!  Maybe next summer, hopefully, maybe.


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