Saturday, March 26, 2011


Wow!  Has it really been a week since I last posted?  Hmmm, time seems to be just slipping away these days.  Maybe because we have so much on our plates these days.  So many decisions to make in the next couple months and so much to do.

Hailey went in for her check-up on her ears.

She always plays with these little kid toys while we are waiting to go back.

Her left ear looked great.  I think the doctor may have even said "perfect".  The right ear is still not cooperating.  It is once again completely filled with fluid.  They sent her immediately down for a hearing test and sure enough she had hearing loss.

One more surgery.  April 11th she has to go in and get ANOTHER tube put in the right side.  This will be the third time for the right ear.

Hailey's 4th surgery.  I think she will have now surpassed her father for surgeries; she's 7.  I know it is just putting a tube in her ear, nothing major.  Did you all know though that the majority of deaths during surgery are due to anethesia complications?

I'm not really worried about the tube in the ear.  This is becoming quite routine for us.

It is always the tensest hour or so of my life when they wheel my baby away from me and she is totally in their hands.

I'm really hoping this is the last time.  That whatever needs to happen to start allowing her ear to drain properly needs to happen this time. 

I'm hoping it does.

Until next time (and not a week from now).


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  1. yes, you do have a lot going on. your mom is going to love the quilt. it's beautiful! thinking of you and yours. xoxo.