Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sleep is overrated

So I am back from my quilting weekend.  I went Friday morning, got there about 10am.  The only project I worked on all weekend was my Mom's.  I was on a mission!  You know, her birthday is coming up soon.

All weekend on finishing this quilt.  I have 3 more blocks to piece together to finish the top row and sew it on.

I worked until 4:15am Friday up at 9:00am Saturday morning and 5:00am Saturday and up at 10:00am Sunday morning.  Sleep is really overrated on quilt retreat weekend!

***Spoiler Alert!  If you know my MOM, DO NOT show her these pictures or this post!****

Thank you for your cooperation, in advance.

See that partial row on top?  I have 3 more star blocks to make, and then that last row can be sewn together and to the rest of the quilt.  Done.

Well, not done, it needs quilting then and then binding and a label.  Then for sure Done!

This is my own design.  I used my EQ6 software.  Fun!

On a lighter note......


(She took this herself.)


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