Saturday, March 12, 2011

HI!  We have had an exhausting week here.  I'm pooped and still trying to get caught up on laundry.

We curled our hair this morning (well hubby didn't), went out and ate breakfast, went to Barnes and Noble (one of my FAVORITE stores) and used my coupons to purchase a new book and some good mags.  I bought one of my favorite blogger's new book.  Saved a bundle on it.  I love saving a bundle at Barnes and Noble.  Then I had to force myself to leave.  Hailey drug me by the arm and then promptly slug bugged me in the parking lot.  (She has an EYE for those stinkin' bugs!  I have the bruising to prove it.)  I kid, I don't bruise that easy, I do get slug bugged, A LOT!

Then we went to Shopko and bought Hailey new shoes since she grew a shoe size over winter and her tenny shoes she wore for 3 months no longer fit her.  Sheesh!  We also got her a new swimsuit since she has also grown out of her old one.  They were already 40% off, can you believe it?  Meanwhile outside, the wind is howling with snowflakes blowing around in the air.  Can you say freezing? 

Anyway, we are lucky to have a nice Rec Center with a great indoor pool.  Hailey likes to go swimming a lot.  She was really due for a new suit.

Then it was off to the grocery store.  Nothing exciting there.  I was coursed into buying a corn beef and some cabbage.  Hubby always has corn beef and cabbage for St Patricks Day.  Want to hear the funny part?  I'm the one who is part Irish and I don't like corn beef and cabbage.  Hubby is French and Norwegian.

These are Hailey's new shoes.  Hubby likes the camo, Hailey likes the camo but also the sparkles and pink.

Came home, unloaded groceries and watched Despicable Me.  Good flick by the way, cute and funny.

Anyway, here is to hoping our lives will get back into our normal routine, soon.


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