Friday, February 11, 2011

Playing Catch with Friends

One of Hailey's favorite books series right now is the Elephant & Piggie books.  I call them the Piggie & Gerald books, because those are there names.  The people at the book stores always know exactly what book series I am talking about though.

These books are hilarious, and very creatively written.

This is one of Hailey's favorites.  She always giggles all the way through.  She likes for us to read this one out loud together.  She does the voice of Piggie (who IS a girl by the way).

We work on adding inflection to our voices when reading these books.  (No one likes a mono tone.)

I love how sometimes, Mo (the author) just lets the expressions tell the story too.  Learning to interpret body language is good too.

They try very hard, and in many creative ways to play catch with a snake.  Subtle, but Hailey really laughs at this page.

But, you'll be glad to know they all work it out in the end.  The double meaning here is not lost on Hailey either, she laughs her little butt off.  Truth be told, so do I.

If you have a 5 to 7 year old they may love these books, mine does.


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