Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the Superbowl and life...

Hailey's bathed and ready for bed, the Superbowl commercials are very lacking and Christina and Fergie were both definitely NOT on their A game tonight.

I've been doing some studying lately, and some inspirational reading.  Not inspirational as in God, but inspirational as in creative and motivational.  Gearing up for the big project.  Almost there.......

Next month Hubby should be working again.  That will be a relief, he's starting to drive me batty too.  I know he's very stir crazy right now, but now it's starting to get to me.  It's the same every year by February (in Minnesota) then by March all is well again when he starts working again.

I have a feeling our world is going to be changing dramatically very soon.  I am trying to prepare us for this, mostly myself.  If I'm prepared then I can handle everyone else.

Hailey took this picture at my niece's wedding.  This is my Uncle Marlyn, Hailey's Great Uncle.  This picture just cracks me up.  In a way it represents my Uncle, but not in a literal way.  Definitely not a "usual" expression for him.

Gotta love it all.......


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