Saturday, February 26, 2011

Getting closer.......

This weekend it is my goal to make some progress!  I have a couple projects that need to move, go, get moving.


I've been working on them (well one)  and this weekend my goal is to make some obvious, amazing, and MEASURABLE progress.

This is also why my blog postings have been farther apart.  Although, I did cheat this morning and talked to an old friend of mine for a little while on Facebook, it was a good thing!

So......I need to set up my workspace and clean up a bit so that I can get to work.  Hand quilting and sewing.

Do any of you have pressing projects calling your names?  I think Spring may actually be coming around the corner.  This may be a part of "Spring Cleaning"  feelings creeping up on me.

What about you?  Feel it coming on?


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