Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Quilt Down

Last year the local quilt guild I belong to did a row quilt exchange for those who wanted to participate.  Sounded like fun, so I did.  It was fun.

I grabbed a bunch of north woods flannels I had accumulating in my stash and threw them into a bag.  I wrote up some loosey goosey instructions for the girls to follow.  I basically gave them a row length and a theme and said have fun!

Well, I got my rows back and was excited.  I pieced the quilt top together within a month I think, and pieced a back together out of a bunch of extra flannels I had left.

Then it sat, for a while.

I don't hand quilt flannels because it kills my fingers.  So it needed to go to a quilter, but that takes money.  In January I saved some pennies and sent it over to one of my favorite quilters.  I got it back just before our February Guild meeting.

I JUST finished binding the quilt and sewing down the label.

Want to see?

Here is the front.......

Here is the back.......

My label documenting the time frame and info about the quilt.........brief and to the point.  A good shot of my binding too.......byas.....don't look too close though!
Hubby has claimed this quilt for his own.  This is his first snuggle under it.  He was looking for a crepe recipe in a magazine I had.  I'm sure there is drool on this quilt now.  Sufficiently christened. 
This quilt is on my resolution list for the guild also, one down.

So what do you think?


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