Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Re-try on Halloween

OK, so let's try this again, anyway, Halloween.  Hailey was a Purple Punk Witch, as I said.

Still thinking this fits her perfectly.  She loves purple, she is a punk, and well, the witch outfit is just cute.

She really loves the whole wig thing.  She's been wearing this wig every day since Halloween.  Of course Mom draws the line at wearing it to school.

"Wow!  Look at all this loot!"

"Look Dad, it's a tootsie roll!  Aren't these your favorite?"

As I said earlier, I will be having a give-a-way on this site.  My computer needs to go in to the doctor.  So I will be off line for a little while, BUT I am going to post a giveaway here while I am out of commission.

I leave more details in day or two.......stay tuned!


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