Thursday, November 4, 2010

THE Giveaway.......

So, here is the promised give-away.  While my computer is at the doctor getting fixed we will have this fine give-away.

I made both of these items.

dadadadadadada (drum roll).......

Item #1:

This is a bracelet featuring genuine pearl, mother of pearl, hematite, porcelain and glass beads.

Pretty bracelet, bad shot of my wrist.  Well you try taking a picture of your own wrist, it is not easy.


A Kleenex cover.  This will pretty up your Kleenex in your purse.  Let's face it girls who doesn't want pretty Kleenex?

See, easy access then it closes back up.  Kleenex completely protected.

So here are the details:

Leave a comment below answering the following question.

"How many blogs do you follow and do consider yourself a bit of a blog addict?"

Next Wednesday I will randomly choose a winner.  So run and tell your friends to leave a comment and then leave one yourself.

One comment per person please.

See you Wednesday!


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