Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The meaning behind the name.....

Ever heard that saying......"That went over like a lead balloon."? Well, it did.  Went right over, and then thudded to the ground.  It's OK though, that bracelet and Kleenex cover will end up on my Etsy site when I get it up and running.

Thanks to those of you who do read this blog regularly.

My computer is a little better now.  Still working out some bugs, but it's about there.

My seester is working on my logo, and I think we've about got it.  I'm torn though, I can't make up my mind which one I like best.  When we get it narrowed down to about 2 or 3 maybe I'll post them here for a little voting session.

YOU would have to leave a comment though, or it would be pointless!

It had to be said.  Really, I know you understand.

Have I ever told you where I came up with the name Thunderbird & Fox?  NO?'s quite a personal story.  Hard to tell still as it's only been 2 years (in 18 days) since my Dad passed.  Yes, it revolves around my Dad, as much in my life did.

Part of the story begins with the fact that I have studied many religions over the years.  Shamanism being one that held my attention for quite a while.  You see I had a friend who was trained in Shamanism.  She and I had many long discussions about religion, ALL religions, and she let me see into her world, and experience it.

On this journey I discovered a lot about myself.  I also discovered that all religions, at their core, are the same.  They all have the same BASIC beliefs and a god.  They all just wear different faces and are commemorated in a different form.  A lot of people just use religion as an excuse to do what they want.  On this journey, I discovered a connection to me and the fox.  It's really an amazing story of it's own.  Maybe someday I will share it. 

Not today though.....

I will say this:
To this day, on every long trip I take or when I am walking in the woods, or am just out in nature, I either see a fox or one crosses my path.  Always, I am not kidding.

So that is the Fox portion of this site name. 

The Thunderbird portion comes from my Dad.  See, for almost as long as I can remember, maybe not quite that long, but close.  My dad had his own side business, Thunderbird Metal Products.  He was very intelligent and would sit and sketch out designs and ideas on a notepad in the evening after a long day at work and after having eaten dinner.  Then the next thing we would know, there it would be in real life, welded up out of pieces of raw steel.  All painted up and shiny.  I remember my Dad always having a booth at the fair.  It was so awesome!  What kid actually needs an excuse to hang out at the fair ALL day?  Not me I tell you!  Eating fair food, riding the rides, sneaking into the events, exploring every nook and cranny of the fair grounds, and sometimes even helping out in her Daddy's booth.  Not me.......I was there, with bells on.  My Dad's business evolved over the years and eventually ended with him restoring old tractors and selling them or using them for pulling competitions.  It evolved with Dad, as he evolved.

Thunderbird & Fox.............

I hope my small side business I plan on starting here soon turns out as successful as my Dad's.  He always had fun with it, and worked enough, to support the business and have a little extra money for fun stuff.  (Well, at least, what he thought was fun stuff. my Mom!)

So that's the story.  Simple really, but it does have a lot of meaning and memories already linked to it, even though it is new.

In loving memory of Daddy......(the Thunderbird)

Gentrie.............(the Fox)

PS Just to be clear, there is not a giveaway winner.

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