Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Dislike for Packing

We are officially packing everything in the house.  I either gets packed to stay here or packed to come with.

Logically I am trying to pack everything that stays here first.  As most of the things that will be "going" we still need.

This is the upstairs landing, Hailey's bed is dismantled waiting for the buyer to come and get it.

Boxes are stacking up everywhere. 

Walls are bare......notice I am still trying to get some quilting in here and there.

I keep thinking that I am almost there and not much is left but then more stuff pops up.  This is why I hate packing.  It sucks and is a pain.  We need way less stuff.

Back to the packing, Hailey is BEGGING me to take her swimming this afternoon at the Rec Center.  Which means I have to get some packing done this morning.

The day quilting with my friends this last Saturday was great fun.  I'll post on that a little later.

So see you later for now......from my house of boxed disarray.


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