Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Quiet Drive

Wednesday morning Mark woke up and couldn't move.  Well he could, but barely and not without pain.  He had tweaked his back a few days earlier and had been fighting muscle spasms ever since.  This fine morning, he was one huge knot and couldn't move.

So, I went to work alone, Hailey opted to stay home with Mark. 

So, I took a few pictures on my way in and plugged in my relaxing tunes and chilled the whole ride.

Can you believe this at 5:30am?  Just beautiful!  Grass is freshly cut in the ditches.  This morning it was bailed.

Irrigation and mowed ditches.  This really all brings back so many memories.

Since I had made such wonderful time and still had 35 minutes to get to work......I treated myself to THE MOST wonderful $3.00, 20oz latte EVER!

Then I headed to the office to check my e-mail and get ready for a 10 hour day of work.  It's amazing how fast the day goes by when you are enjoying yourself.  Who knew?

So that's a snap shot of my drive to work.  See ya on the sunny side!


P.S.  Mark went to a massage therapist for the 1st time in his life Wednesday.  She spent an hour and a half on him getting him unknotted.  He said he feels 35 years old again today.  I said "Really?  Maybe you should get your money back!"  He laughed, he really has gotten the spring back in his step and a smile on his face. YEAH!  :)

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