Sunday, April 3, 2011

Trials of the Easy-Bake

So the neighbors across the street moved.  They packed everything up in one week and were gone yesterday.  They didn't know where they were even going until the day before.  Flying by the seat of their pants, in more ways than one.

Sometimes I feel like that.  Flying by the seat of our pants.  Who knows what's around the corner.

They gave Hailey an Easy-Bake oven before they left.  Brand new, not even out of the box, and of course we did not have a 100 watt light bulb.  So yesterday we had to go and get one.

Last night Hailey made cake and this morning she made sugar cookies.  Now she is out of mix.  This means Mom (aka: me) will have to go to Walmart or something and replenish her stock.

She is just pleased as punch that she now has one.  Almost annoyingly so.  Maybe only annoying because I'm sick and just don't feel good, and all she wants to do is bake with her Easy-Bake.  Which Mom does need to help a little. 

So Mom did breath a little prayer of thanks that she is out of mix.  Am I terrible?  I just want to curl up and sleep.  Why is it when everyone else is sick they get to go lay down and rest and sleep and stuff but when Mom is sick she still has to clean and help with this and help with that and stumble around all light headed and sleepy, trying not to blow her nose and sneeze snot balls on her loved ones.

Lovely picture, I know, but I am NOT a pretty site right now.  Just sayin'.


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