Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

Ummm, I think it might be spring.

Rain, again it is raining.  We did get a nice day for Easter, a nice day for yesterday (which I had to work inside all day).  Poo!

And, now it's raining, again!

I think it might be spring in Minnesota.

My first clue..........rain.

At least we are not getting 9" in one hour.

I probably just jinxed it didn't I?  Crap, you should have warned me!  I know, I know......

You'll be glad to know that everything is falling into place nicely.  Now if one more thing (OK maybe two) could just slide nice and easy in there right where they should, everything will be magic.

MAGIC I tell you!

See you again soon!


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