Monday, April 11, 2011

An Ear to Remember

Hailey had a tube put back in her right ear this morning.  The hospital told us to be there at 9:30.  At 9:20 I checked her in, my sister called, we talked all of five minutes and they called her back.

It was something like being in jail for two hours.  We were bored and wondering why we had to wait in a freezing room for 2 hours.

Finally they took her back, it took all of ten minutes and 45 minutes for recovery then she was back and starving!  She hadn't eaten since the night before and it was already 12:00 noon by this time.  For a girl who grows on average of 1 inch every 6 months, this is a huge issue.

She got a popsicle.  I think the expression says it all.  Although the TV was way up in that corner where she was looking.
She got the Nemo room.  To which her response was,

"Do you think Nemo's Dad will fall on my head?"
I look up on the ceiling, Nemo's Dad's head is loose and sagging down.

All is well.  She is home chilling out and eating.

Until next time.....


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