Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pressed Steak

I just had THE WORST steak ever!

We were on a REALLY tight budget this week so I bought all my meat at Walmart, which I usually NEVER do.

A part of that purchase was two tenderloin steaks.  I have eaten A LOT of tenderloin in my life.  While I would not say I am an expert on an Emeril or Gordon Ramsy level, I do know a thing or two about steak.

Well these were disgusting.  You know how some ham isn't a "natural" ham?  It's actually like ham pieces that they press all back together and add water and ham flavoring?  Well I think Walmart does that to their steaks.

There was no grain to the meat......that made me nervous immediately.  It felt rubbery as I was cutting it.

Then I (gulp) tasted it.  It actually took all I had to choke it down.  Not only was it the ODDEST texture I have EVER encountered in a meat, but it tasted like rubber injected with bouillon cube juice.  


NEVER by steak, pork or hamburger at Walmart, it sucks.

I stick to turkeys and spiral hams from there.

People it doesn't get much nastier than what I had tonight.

I know we are on a budget right now, but this Montana-home-grown-cattle-ranch-beef girl will NOT suffer through another one of those again!

Note:  This is a warning, and my personal opinion.  I shop at Walmart all the time, just my experience and opinion on one product (or three).

Love you enough to warn you......


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