Saturday, April 16, 2011

Divorce? I don't think so......

Mark is going to Montana to work, for a while.

We have explained to Hailey that her and I will be here for a while and Dad will be in Montana for a while.  We explained that this would not last long or forever, just a little while.

We thought we had made it clear the situation, she seemed to understand.

Mark told me today Hailey asked him if we were getting divorced.

Mark asked her if she knew what divorce was.

Hailey responded that "Divorce is when I live with Mommy and you don't live with us any more."  (Insert cheeky grin.)

Mark, being the absolute diplomat he is responded, "Well what if you lived with me and Mom didn't?"

Hailey said, "No I HAVE to live with Mommy, it doesn't work the other way." (That's my girl!)

Needless to say I assured Hailey we are not getting a divorce.

We are still a happy family even though we will be temporarily separated.

Even if it doesn't look like it sometimes......

In the real world, as always...........



  1. hey girl, i just caught up with you and seems you have plenty going on. i'm glad everything went well with hailey's ear surgery, and that your boyfriend is making new plans for work. we are thawing out over here and anxious to be outdoors again. thinking of you often and sending love. xoxo.

  2. I find life is never ending, and sometimes it's an accomplishment to just keep my head above water, even if it is just my lips! ;)