Friday, January 28, 2011

Stress and Babies

I was a little sick yesterday and had to come home early from work.  I don't think it was the flu, I think it was stress.  Work stress, money stress, stress,stress,stress.  I need to decompress, somehow.  I couldn't sleep last night either.

Any suggestions?

I couldn't shut off my brain.

Why does it seem like some people NEVER have stress?  Nothing ever bothers them and everything goes their way.  I mean everything.  I've been doing these positive thinking exercises and working out.  Somehow all the shit still falls in my lap.

My 7 year old was crying tonight because she's scared to have a baby.  Really?  A baby at 7? 

I got her calmed down and over it.  She is now OK with having a baby once again.  I'm hoping not anytime in the next 13 years AT LEAST! 

I'm not sure where it came from or why at 7 she is thinking about having babies.  We were watching True Grit (the original with John Wayne not the new one) no babies in that movie.

Out of the mouths of babes.......

Whew!  Sometimes being a Mom is, ummmmm, weird.


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