Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fun side of sleep deprivation

I'm back!  Holy crap am I tired.  I'm going to bed soon after taking a scorching hot bath.  We had fun.  I literally only got about 8 hours sleep this weekend but that is how I roll on Quilt retreat weekends.  It's really all about the sewing.

Well maybe not ALL..........

Barb, our hostess with the mostess is on the left, Lynn "The Bag lady" (and I mean that in a complimentary and totally non-homeless way) is on the right.  Lynn was my sewing companion this weekend (meaning our machines were next to each other). She's also my accomplice for marathon sewing lasting until 5:00 in the morning!  You both rock!

Rachel and Tammi (Tammi is showing her disdain for having her picture taken) we three quilters laugh a lot.  No I mean A LOT.  This picture actually may have been taken at guild (but I can vouch they were both at retreat.)

This is the center block for the quilt I am making my Mom.  (SSSSHHHHH, don't tell her!)  She doesn't have a computer, so those of you who know her need to keep the lips zipped about this.  I'm just saying.......

This is Courtney, she is so efficient and organized it's ridiculous (and I mean that in a very loving way).  She does some amazing quilting!  Kathy is sitting behind Courtney there (ignoring me thoroughly).

This is Dee, she is fun and funny.  She tried to hide and decided if she wanted a fighting chance at a good photo she would cooperate.  (Good choice! wink...wink....)  Tami is in the foreground there, at this point just absorbing the vibes (.......ohmmmmmmmm).

I could really go on forever but I do need sleep.  I have 100lb weights tied to my limbs and 10lbs of sand in each eye.

There were more girls there, some all weekend, some in and out.  I believe we had 14 in all. 

PS  I'll be drinking LOTS of water this week to clean out the 3lbs of coffee I helped drink this weekend. 

PPS  I'm not going to work out tomorrow morning, I'm sleeping in until 6:00am.  I'll add Friday onto my work-out regimen.

PPPS  Back to work tomorrow.......PPHHTTTTT!!!


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