Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Movie Review.....

We are getting caught up on watching our netflix movies.  Last night we watched the new Robin Hood with Russell Crowe as Robin Hood.

I like Russell Crowe.

I liked this movie.  It was a new take on Robin Hood and was really about how he became Robin Hood.  I have no idea if this is based on the actual "man" or if it's just some writers take on what could have happened.  I liked it though.  It has everything, humor, fighting, war and even love. Kate Blanchet makes for a nice Maid Marian also.  I wonder how much weight she had to loose to look half starved?  I'm curious to see if they make a sequel about his exploits AS Robin Hood.  I'd watch it.

Overall I give it 3-1/2 stars.

Really, who wouldn't to watch it just looking at this poster?

Tonight we watched The Blind Side.  I really liked this movie also.  It is incredibly moving, and rather cry at the end like most movies, I cried more at the beginning and a couple parts in the middle.  I wouldn't say cried but definitely teared up, a few may have flowed.  What an inspiration that family is and how incredibly lucky Michael Ohre was.  Really he was not cut out for the "hood" life.  What an amazing kid (man) to have gone through all he did and stick it out to become the amazing person he is now.  What really makes this movie is knowing it really happened.  I am very happy there are still people like the Tuohys in the world.

I give it 4 stars.

I didn't even recognize Tim McGraw without a hat on.  He did a wonderful job though.  I could tell he was holding back in the kissing scene with Sandra.

Both good movies, if you seen them and get a chance to I would.

Good night!


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