Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Few Things

Here is a list of things some people out there may not know about me.

1.  I am secretly starting to love the deep rich purple color.  I have never been a purple person and am still not fond of light purples.  (SHHHHHH don't tell!)

2.  I've been quilting for about ten years.  (I can't believe it's been that long already!)

3.  I still have not finished my Double Wedding Ring I am making for hubby and I.  Someday.........

4.  My artistic side is breaking out again.  The mathmetician is getting bored, art wants to break free!  (Math really is boring, unless I'm using it to design something.)

5.  I really do love a lot of old westerns, and some new ones.  Sometimes I can imagine my Dad and I still sitting together watching them.  He would be pointing out every error in the movie.  Like when they shoot 16 times without reloading. (In fact, I'm watching Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid now!  It has a very young Chris Christopherson and Bob Dylan in it.)

6.  I LOVE a good forensics show/movie.  I really do think I should have been a forensic scientist.

7.  I'm still a fantasy buff, deep down at heart.  That's why I really like Twilight and Harry Potter.  Not to mention they are both very well written.

8.  My sister liked the jewelry I made her for Christmas! Yeah!  (She just got it today, don't ask, really.)

9.  My Mom liked the jewelry I made her also.  Double Yeah! (She got hers on Christmas, yeah, I know.)

10.  My hubby encourages me to start my own business, it;s my own cold feet that hold me back.  (My feet were VERY LITERALLY cold today!)

There, some of you may have known some of these, and some of you may have known a few, or all none.  I bet knowone knew all of them though!

Don't seem so surprised!


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