Monday, February 16, 2015

Patience.....not MY virtue

So I am waiting on some news, and let me tell you, patience IS NOT a virtue of mine!  I am so stinkin' impatient it is driving me crazy.  I feel itchy and like I have bees buzzing in my head. 

I must say I am more patient than some other people in my life.....not to name names......Mark......


Anyway, I had every intention of starting the late baby quilt on Sunday and well, it didn't work.

Piper had one of those days where she just wouldn't cooperate. 

That irritates me too.  Not mad at Piper.  Just edgy because I can't follow through on my plans and what I wanted to get done.

Probably had more to do with my other patience issues right now....

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day!  It is my husband's birthday on Valentines day so that holiday kind-of gets shoved back to the back burner around our house.

Although he always remembers to get me a gift......

This year's gift, a copper bracelet.  He really knows me pretty well.  I am not a big fan of gold.  I love copper and silver.

So, here's to hoping that answers come soon or that I find some patience somewhere.....



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