Monday, February 23, 2015

The skeleton out of the closet....and back in....

So I did manage to complete a couple small things this weekend. 

I got the new buttons sewn on Hailey's boots.  They worked great, and I did have to dig for a large heavy duty needle to get through the suede and sheepskin.  
I used a thick pearl cotton also, I didn't want the thread to bust again!
Hailey was excited, and when she put them on this morning she said it was like putting on new boots.  Well.....

I got the binding done on the Halloween Skeleton.

 I really like this guy.  I might just hang him up year round.

Here is a shot of the scrappy back.  Oh yeah, that's why I'm not hanging it yet, no sleeve.  

I'm too lazy to do that now, actually I have another project I want to start instead.........



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