Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fan Deck of Quilt Blocks

When we lived in Minnesota I had a friend who would have a quilting weekend at her house on Superbowl weekend every year.  It was awesome, and fun.  She had a book that contained about every block known to man in it.  It would never fail that book would end up at my station with a piece of graph paper with me figuring out a new quilt to make. 

I loved her book.

I miss her book.

I'm sorry, I do miss her too.  She is my bestie, but I also miss her book.

I also miss the Superbowl party weekends.

I digress......

Anyway.........when I was in my local quilt shop to drop off some quilt tops that were a hundred years old to get quilted.  (Well maybe not a hundred, but they were OLD man.  Like maybe 8 years old????)

I picked this baby up!

It's a fan deck of blocks, 102 rotary cut blocks.

It gives you 5 different size options for each block.  I think that is my favorite feature, the size options.

It also has the handy-dandy charts and reference information in it.

While I think my friend's book still had more blocks in it, this one is pretty cool.

And handy.....


While I have not actually used it yet, I have fondled it, and played with it.  Wondering what great creations will come of it. 

I have bindings to finish.  Blah!  Another reason I miss my quilty friend, she was a whiz at bindings and could whip one out in no time flat.  She enjoys doing them and would do at least 2 peoples bindings at her quilty weekend.

Rachel, will you come to Montana and do my bindings?????


Miss you girlfriend..... :)



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