Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I had kind-of a bitter sweet Mother's Day.  I got the most wonderful gifts.  Precious homemade gifts from my daughter and my new wedding ring. 

We were really missing Mark though.  I wish he could have been here for me getting my ring.

Let me just say before I post the pictures, that the stone in this ring is NOT a diamond, it's much more meaningful.  This stone was mined by mine and my husband's hands on our honeymoon.  It is quartz, no I do not know genus and family or any of the exact classifyings.  It was then stashed with many others like it into a Ziploc bag, it's fate yet unknown, to any of us.

It emerged from the Ziploc bag, that has sat in our closet for 10 years and looked like it was full of dirty rocks, last year.

Finally one of those dirty little rocks realised it's true potential.  The design of the ring was a collaboration of me and the gold smith.  It is made of white and yellow gold.  She did a wonderful job!

Drum roll please...........

Top View

This is what it looks like on my hand.  I have long fingers and big hands.

I love it.

Believe it or not is cost way less than a diamond wedding ring and it really means SO much more.

It's more LARGE and Bling than what I would normally wear, but you only live once right?  So what the hell.

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

  Here is the Goldsmith who made the ring, she was great, and reasonable!

Stones Throw Gallery
Patty Conlin
St Peter, MN

Note:  This is not a paid advertisement.  While Patty, obviously, knows who I am, she has NO clue I am writing this blog.  Thanks!


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  1. What a beautiful (and meaningful) ring. How lucky you are that you have hands that can do justice to some awesome bling like this. I have short pudgy hands/fingers that wouldn't work with something like this - envy.