Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Whew!  Why is it the drive back always seems to take ten times longer than the drive over?  I was up for 26 hours straight, so when we got home today I took a nap!

Drama, drama, drama.......

I didn't get to see as near as many people as I would have liked to.  Family matters ended up taking precedence, and it ended up being a very stressful weekend for me.  I'm actually glad to be back, to relax and unwind.

The wind all weekend was INSANE, and my allergies were in overdrive.  I did get to ride on a Harley and had some fun with family in between the drama.

Graduation was nice too.  I can't believe that little girl clinging to her Daddies leg in my office at 3 is now a high school graduate!


Brother and Sister, yes he's going through his scruffy/hippy stage, don't all boys (I mean young men)?

Brent being chased by Taliyah on the tires.  Brent got bucked off a little tire shortly after this so he was 'it'.

Sydney reminiscing what it is like being a little girl.......

The proud Dad and the graduate.....

Sisters, 7 and 18.........

It was good to see everyone we did get to see.  I'm sorry I couldn't connect with the ones we didn't.  It was a little crazy. 

Good Luck in life Sydney!  We love you to pieces!


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  1. Glad you're back and had a safe trip.