Monday, January 5, 2015

Piper's Quilt

I know I had commented quite a while ago that Piper's quilt was done, but technically it wasn't.  I did not have the binding sewn on until this last week.  I finished it over the holiday break.
I used a striped binding cut on the bias because that is how I roll.  I have an obsession with striped bindings.
This is the front........

This is the back........

And while I must say I am getting irritated with not being able to rotate pictures in can still see it.

The back is minky and this is a super warm quilt (yes I have used it).

Piper loves it.  While she is not the type of kid to drag a blankie around, she does like to snuggle with it when we are on the couch, and gets mad when anyone else wants to use it (unless she is lying with them).

So now, it IS done.  OFFICIALLY!



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