Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy New Year!!  It is now 2015, and while I am not one to make New Year's Resolutions, this year I have.

My resolution is to work on some form of quilting at least 3 nights a week for an hour.  I figure at least this way I can MAYBE get something accomplished in the quilting department.

While I have large projects I need to get finished I also have some little ones I want to do first just so I can jazz myself up and feel like I am getting somewhere.

On a completely side note.  I actually used my digital camera (not my phone) to take the photos in this post.  When I opened the files to find the photos, holy crap!  Hailey had used the camera for a field trip this last year, and while I had known she had taken it to use I just now looked at the hundreds of photos she took!  Wow!  I am wondering how much of the field trip she actually looked at form NOT behind the lense.  I guess she didn't want to miss anything.

While some were completely random (50%), some were pretty cool......

So anyway, back to my resolution.....

The first thing I want to make is Christmas stockings for the girls.  I got this easy-peasy pattern at my  local quilt shop.
 I have this piece that I believe was originally supposed to be a backing for a Christmas quilt and for whatever reason fell out of love with it.  (I'm still not overly impressed with it.)  It is a few years old.......but I am thinking about adding the last row and using it to make a stocking with.

It's a snowball block, very simple and scrappy.  I thought very cute for a stocking though, especially if I set the pattern on it at an angle.




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