Monday, August 6, 2012

I lied.....again.....

Ok, so it was unintentional, completely, really....

I am sitting here tonight listening to the booming and singing of the concert over at the fairgrounds.  Joe Nichols is who I think is here.  Of course, I have not really paid much attention to Fair goings on with everything else going on.

He's pretty good, but the booming base is a little annoying after a while.  I think the whole town can hear him.  Seriously, this is a small town.

My step daughter got married in Eureka the end of July.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  This was the end walking up the isle.  She forgot to grab her bouquet back.
It was absolutely gorgeous.  She had an amazingly short and fun wedding.  We fished, snorkled, ate and drove through Glaacier Park.  We hadn't been through Glacier Park in about 10 years, which means Hailey had never been, so we went while we were in that neck of the woods.

It was also gorgeous, and since the battery on my camera had died at the wedding reception and I did not have the charger for it with me, I had to use an old style disposable camera. 

I will post pictures from that trip later.

See you soon!


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