Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The new addition

I have so much news!  Where do I start?  I have been a very bad blogger.  Then as I was looking at a lot of other blogs that I follow I noticed that I was not the only "bad blogger" this year.  Seems as though a lot of people are having a hard time keeping up this year.

So now I don't feel quite as bad.

I think we got our Internet issues resolved.  Hence the new post.

For my first and BEST news.......drum roll please!

I am a Great Aunt!

I am not just singing my own praises, my niece had her first baby.  January 9th, Liliah Vaughn White.

Aaaahhhhhh!  She's cute too!

Don't you just LOVE babies?!?!  (I borrowed these pictures from my niece.)

I love this one, looks like she's talking with Mommy.

I used to sleep this way, still do sometimes.  Hailey sleeps like this sometimes too.

I know, I know, she's so cute right?  We'll be getting to see her this weekend.  Taking a day trip over to hang out and meet the new addition.

I won't have to borrow photos then, I'll have plenty of my own.

I just came to the realization the other day that sometimes, just sometimes..........

......you just have throw your hands up and let go!

(Look, my cat even sleeps like that!  MUST be a family trait!)  Yes, she's sleeping with her eyes open, weird, another family trait, the weird part.

Until next time, hopefully sooner than later.......


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