Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cowboy Chocolate

In all of our traveling this summer, we managed to spend a day in Miles City with my family.  I got to see my new baby niece again, visit Mama niece and my sister and Mother.

We went into town and did a little bit of shopping and I found some of the coolest things.  Unfortunately I could not buy them all. 

I did buy these though (among other items).  I thought these were just awesome.

They are chocolate bars.

They are fun.......

....and they were good!  I only had one, my husband and daughter had the others.  Mine had the caramel in it, very good!

I picked these up at the Discovery Pond in Miles City.  I'm sure other people have them also.

Aren't they just cool?!  Wait, did I just say cool.  Never mind, I liked them a lot.


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