Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Quick trip to the Lake

We went to Fort Peck (the lake not the town) to visit with some friends.  It was great to see them again!  We went out on boats and fished and drove fast and laughed on the lake.

Of course.....

I did not remember to bring my camera for this part.  (I think it was an unconscious fear of dropping my camera in the lake.)

It's my blog, I'm sticking with that story......

For the record, this is our friends campsite.  This works well to block the wind, with an open view to the lake.

After all the boating and lunch, my INSANE daughter wanted to swim (in the 63 degree lake).

My crazy daughter also found a friend to swim with.

....him and a few friends, she was collecting them.

Can you find the frog?

Of course, where there are frogs, there are snakes......this is a baby one.

Having a good weekend?


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