Friday, September 16, 2011!

As a few of you may know, we have moved back to Montana.  We have moved back to a different town than the one we lived in before though.  While I am familiar with this area, I grew up 160 miles from here (which is not very far in Montana terms).  It is frustrating here right now in terms of technology.

They have it, they are not behind the times at all.  The problem is growing pains!  This area is growing SO fast the cell towers, land lines, utilities, town infrastructures cannot keep up.

Our internet is SO slow here, because of the amount of people on the "service network" in this area.  It is frustrating going from very fast internet to, barely moving, and can't load my blog posts half the time, internet. 

What's really irritating is it's not beacause the service is slow it's the demand load on it.  I wish the service providing companies would get off their buts and get more towers and service in this area.

It's annoying.

So, anyway, that is why my posts are still far and few between.......sucky service.

I think I may have to change my internet provider.  Which saddens me because then I will not have the convenience of mobile internet.  We travel a lot, it's nice having internet motoring down the highway.


See you on the flip side


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