Friday, September 9, 2011

Grandma's Quilt

Well, I finished my Mom's Birthday Quilt.  A little late, just a little.  We had a lot going on this summer and I just wasn't set up for quilting until recently.

I know, excuses, excuses.

Well anyway, a little background.  I've been planning this quilt a very long time.  I designed it myself on my computer (using EQ6).  It took me FOREVER to pick the fabrics though.  I mean this is my Mom, and yes I know her well, but her tastes seem to change and her color choices REALLY very depending on what the color is for.  Eclectic is a good word for her, in some ways.  Not in others. 

Anyway....I had a real hard time picking fabrics I thought she would like.  We would go to a quilt shop and her tastes would be all over the board.  Crap!

So I buckled down, bit the bullet, took the leap, whatever euphemism you want to use and picked out the colors.

Now it is done, quilted, bound and all.

Tell me what you think, honestly....

It's a queen size, draped over my couch.  Yes, it's hiding my new couch.  (I'll show that some other day.)

The back is a burgundy leaf pattern. (Oak leaf or maple leaf.)  I made the little label on the back.

She has seen it missing the binding.  She really liked it, I think, or she was just trying not to hurt my feelings.  You know, sometimes it's hard to tell with parents.

Well, let me know........

Anxiously awaiting review,



  1. Gentrie,
    It turned out beautiful! Like there was any doubt. Who quilted it? Did you or have you found a long-armer already? BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Thanks Karen! Judi quilted it, she had it before we moved and mailed it to me when she got it done. :)

  3. absolutely gorgeous !!! i love it. can u tell ???