Saturday, September 24, 2011

When Company Leaves....

So, somehow, I got the little break I needed this weekend.  My husband took my mother-in-law home this weekend after a two week stay.

I love the woman, I do, but you know how it is when you have guests.  It kind-of disrupts the flow of things.  While it was nice having her here and Hailey really loved it.  We had nice talks and some good times.  I was ready to have my house and routine back.

I think part of it is that our lives have had NO routine all summer long until recently.  We are getting a routine back, slowly.

I'm relishing having a routine again, it's safe, it's comfortable.

Hailey went away for the weekend with a friend.  It came about Friday night about 40minutes before they left.

And then, I was alone!

Alone, I tell you!  Alone!

Wait, what just happened here?  Did everbody really just leave?  All at once, all together?

Oh man, what to do?  What do I want to do first? 

You'll be ashamed of me, but you know what popped into my head first?  Clean.  Can you believe it?!  I'm almost disgusted with myself  for even letting that pop in my head first.

You know what I DID do first though?  Ate what I wanted, watched what I wanted and fell asleep at 9:00.  Kind-of sad huh?

It's all about quilting today though.  I have to go get some wine and pizza.


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