Thursday, August 25, 2011

School Fashion Show

The first day of school was yesterday.  Hailey got to meet her new teacher and see her new school.  She said their were a couple of kids in her class that she knew from daycare.  (I was glad, I worried about her all day!)

Tuesday night she had a fashion show of her new clothes for her Dad.  (Her Dad's idea since for some reason he wanted to help her pick her first day outfit.)

We shut down the lights and sat in the living room.  Dad ran a flashlight spotlight for her "runway" walk.

Total drama can see Dad's handy spotlight work.  This was his favorite outfit.

OK, cute outfit, but this picture turned out cool with the motion showing......and the crazy spotlight blur (Dad was going for the strobe affect I think.)

Oh Yeah!  Show off that glitter Girl!  (Don't mind Dad's spiky hair.)

I personally really like this sweater.  She looks very grown up in it.  (*sniff*)

She looks super cute in this hat, but I couldn't get a good shot. 

There were other outfits but these were the best photos.

The first day went well and she thought she may like this school better.  I think the kids have been a little more excepting of the "new kid".  She has made quite a few friends already.

More later!


PS - She wore the first outfit on the first day!

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