Sunday, June 25, 2017

Stressful things...

I am not very far on my last camper quilt.  Once again life has risen it's ugly head and interfered.  I got one more row of borders on this morning.  I really didn'the have time but I squeaked it in for my sanity.

It took about an hour to piece the scrappy rows then sew them down but I did it!!

This is where we are now.  Width is almost right, but I need a lot more height, like at least 2 feet. 

My Mom'a place sold this last week so now I have to get it empty.  We had a sale this weekend and while a lot of stuff went there is still a lot more.  It is so stressful.  I need to meditate......and sew.

Soo many memories coming up.  What an emotional ride.  I WILL see it through!  This quilt WILL get done!

So much to do, so little time.  My laundry room is shouting at me....




  1. Wishing you peace and rest and relaxation. Your quilt is lovely.

  2. Quilting is always good for the sanity. Hard to deal with parents' things. If you're able to keep anything and set it aside to make decisions a little later - that can be easier I've found. The time seems to help.

  3. I think you need to shout right back to the laundry room "Hold your horses! I'm quilting!" Your bow ties looks great.

  4. Hoping your quilting brings you a little peace.