Sunday, June 11, 2017

Next camper quilt

When I decided to do camper quilts I made a deal with myself not to buy any new fabrics to make these quilts.  The other deal was that they needed to be scrappy and easy.  (The last is so I can actually get them done!)

So the woodsy one was easy, I have a lot of that fabric.  Now what?

I still have 80 bow tie blocks from a block exchange I did with Fun with Barb about a year ago (maybe 2).  These are perfect.  Already made, they make a cool pattern and I can throw a few easy borders on.

The color options were bright modern or civil war.  I don't feel I really fall into either category but my kids like the brights and I like modern more than civil war, too depressing.  (Just my opinon, no offense.)

I also had quite a bit left over, enough for borders and such.  A few months ago (before retreat) I had bought the lettered gray for background and borders for these bowties.  I had taken them to retreat.....

This is what I have so far.  Some of these fabrics I do love.  Others not so much, but together they work.

I get nervous doing block exchanges, it's a judgement thing.  This was anonymous, so that eases it a little.  This is the center, what do you think so far?  My 13 year old already loves it.

P.S:  I suck at scrappy, so these being random and nothing alike helps me!!




  1. I love your bowties! This will be a perfect camper quilt. You don't have to love every fabric. I particularly like that the go with fabrics are grey. I used to make bow ties by the dozens, or so it seemed. I have to agree with your favorite book lists. I must remember the Coffee House mysteries. (And, haven't read the Twilight series either... no clue why not though.)

  2. Great quilt - bowties are so versatile and useful. Lovely job.

  3. I must say, the pic of this quilt caught my eye on the Monday Making Linky party so I thought I'd come and read more. I think the quilt looks great. So how many bow tie blocks are you planning to use?

    1. There were 80 blocks and I used all of them for the center of this quilt.

  4. I love scrappy bow ties - great job