Saturday, May 20, 2017

This took FOREVER!

I finally completed the quilt top for my bed.  It has been years in the works and put on the back burner more times than I can count.  Now it is D...O...N...E..., DONE!!!!

This is the completed top on my bed.  It is a California King.  Lots of fabric in that one.  The fabric is Robert Kaufman  'La Scala'.  I believe they are on a version 7 of this line if that tells you how long I have had it.  I still love it though!

It did not show up in the picture but the white does have a print on it, white on white.

I cannot wait until it is quilted.  It will add so much dimension to it!

I was looking  through my latest Connecting Threads catalogue and they had premade quilt labels in there.  One of them said "This took forever!!"  I am going to get it for this quilt.

Off to the quilter it goes.  I am soon excited!

I just noticed in that last picture the blur of my 3 year old running is not a ghost, she is just fast.  Just ask her!  LOL!



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