Saturday, May 27, 2017

Camper Quilts

Next on the to do list is a couple camper quilts.  Some snuggles that are OK to be dragged in the dirt to the camp fire chair, warm and snuggly.

So I went to the stash.  Nothing is better for a camping quilt than a pine quilt right!?!  Am I right?  Well it is in our area anyway.  Land of the pine tree.  Throw in a bit of fishing fabric, and there you go!

I thought I would just sew the charm packs together for the center and throw on a couple of borders on.  Simple, simple, simple, and functional.

In other news, I picked up these gems yesterday.  Cute huh?  The bears are cards.  They are so adorable!!!

Can never have too many herb books for reference.

I also got "Dad's corner" set up.  He was very proud of that saddle, and that is his military burial flag there.  Grandma's  wash picture is in there also.  Miss him tons!!



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