Sunday, August 23, 2015

Progress Update

I actually did manage to get some quilting done this weekend.  I know sound the trumpets!

I completed 20 of my 80 block swap blocks (with Fun with Barb).  The background looks almost a white in these pictures, but it is light grey.  

The rules of the swap are bright modern fabrics, no pastels.  I love these grays in this line and want to use a couple, but I'm afraid they really don't follow the rules (not brights).  Any opinions?

In fact I am afraid I think quite a bit of the line border lines to the pastel ranges......

I hope all the ones I choose to use will be fine.  Thankfully I will not have to use every color.  If you want to know about this fabric line or the block exchange you can read this post here.

I am working on Hailey's quilt also.  Machine blanket stitch on the circles with a variegated thread.

Here is Hailey's finished block.  These are "What a Whirl" fabrics for Kanvas, which is associated with Bernatex.  Well except for the black.  My plan is for the black to get quilted in bubbles with a variegated thread.

I got 5 completed. Yeah me!  I think this is the most progress I've made in a LONG time!



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  1. Your bow ties look great! I can't wait to get them.