Saturday, August 22, 2015

Next on the agenda.....

So as I look out the window on the cold, gloomy, rainy day (not that I'm complaining, it is a nice break from the 100+ weather) I am putting together my next two projects.  They are both very simple so I plan to work on them together.

I signed up for a block exchange with 'Fun with Barb'.  (I know I am NUTS!!!)  I never sign up for these because of my time constraints (basically I have none).  So I am stretching myself out there.  I figured since school has officially started, the weather is cooling off.......I'll find a little more time. 

So these are the fabrics I am using.  I chose modern because I do not care for Civil War fabrics.  I bought a jelly roll to help cut back on the amount of cutting time.

I am so smart...hahaha!  The arrow circle fabric is my grey background fabric.  The jelly roll and the background fabric are both 'Zen Chic' by Moda.

This is a quilt for Hailey.  I am using the pattern "Sophie's Choice" from Quilter's World magazine Summer 2015.

Here is a photo of the quilt.  They are both simple patterns.  I want to try and get a good jump on them both today, with a plan of doing 4 blocks for the swap and 1 or 2 block on Hailey's quilt a night.  Hailey's is just a lap type quilt she wants to be able to haul around with her on bus trips, sleepovers, etc.

Should be easy enough right???  Ok, well don't burst my bubble just yet.



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