Thursday, April 23, 2015


I got the baby quilt top done!

Of course, when I was ready to put the last row on last night I saw an error!!!!

Can you see it?!  Ooohhh I was mad!  It was literally a 20 minute fix, but it was the POINT of having to do it.  Messes with the mojo, you know!

Well, it is with the first 1" skinny border.  I really thought the blue needed a little more representation.

When I laid out the last border I was a little unsure.  Now that I see it on I think it is great.  The picture does not really convey these colors properly, and since it is raining today, no outside pictures.

Yeah, the orange gets washed out in every picture.  Still loving the little Gecko guys!

This is the flannel backing I chose for it.  I'll have to piece it.  See the little gecko guys on there too?  Super cute.

These are calling my name.  I want to make a small wall hanging for the kitchen.  I am sketching it up now (well not RIGHT now).........keep you posted!



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  1. I do know how those 5 minute fixes can drive you mad. It is a lovely quilt though. Thanks for linking up to Building Blocks Tuesday.