Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A New........Something?

Have you all been in this position?  Sitting here at newly 40 wondering what am I doing?  Do I need this stress?  Is this where I stall out?

I've been reviewing my life lately, and while I see I have climbed the ladder in my field (not easy for a woman). I find myself feeling a bit, hmmm. what would be the word, maybe unfulfilled.  Not in my family life, I feel very full there and fortunate to have the family we have, if not a bit overwhelmed at times.  Although, in my individuality, that encompasses my work and hobbies and such, am I in a rut?  Is there no where else for me to go?  Have I peaked?  Well, I certainly hope not, and reach out to no not at all.

I have been reviewing lately and want to move on to the new chapter.  that is what the big 4-0 is, isn't it?  The beginning of the next chapter?  With a 10 year old and 10 month old at home, where can I go?  Right now my life seems devoted to children and babysitting parents.  Can I break away from this cycle, even just a little?  I certainly hope so, and while I have no answers to any of these brilliant questions right now.........meh, maybe soon?

Sydney and Mark Hanging.....

I have 3 amazing daughters and 1 amazing grandchild.  Even though I do not hardly get to see the grandchild and her mother, technology is amazing these days.  Enabling us so much more connection and communication than ever before.
Piper (purple) & Lynlee (Auntie & niece)


So here's to wishing I could find that stay at home job that would support my family and allow me to live on the mountain home place I drive by in Lewistown all the time thinking someday........


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