Friday, April 25, 2014

Medication, Education and Spring

Spring is here, finally!!  We have been soooo waiting for this spring.  For some reason this last winter seemed to last forever.  I think it was just so much colder.  Or maybe it was just me, lamenting the ever more hateful cold weather as I get older.

I have been trying to slip in a little spring cleaning here and there.  What I realized is that when we moved I did a lot of that and there is not much left to weed out.

The next step will be the storage unit once we have the porch built.  A lot of that can move over.  Since they raise the rental rates on their storage units every 6 months I am anxious to get out of there!  Typical for this area.

Piper got the nasty flu bug a couple weeks ago and we survived.  She lost 2lbs in 4 days and got dehydrated, but we made it.

I hate it when little ones get sick, they can't even tell you what is wrong, they just feel miserable.

Hailey has been grounded for having a failing grade in Science.  I have even taken her out of soccer until she can get the grade up.  Her attitude tonight was, "I don't care, I can just be grounded."

The point is she is supposed to care.  She is supposed to care that she is failing and she is supposed to care that she is grounded so she'll want to be ungrounded.  I can tell her teacher is frustrated with her because she won't help her out anymore either.  It shows in Hailey, she won't even ask for help anymore because she knows her teacher won't.

Hailey forgot her Science book at school and ran back to grab it before getting on the bus, the teacher told her she was too late and could not get it.  I am frustrated with her teacher.

Hailey has issues focusing, not bad, but more than some kids.  Not at a needs medication level, although that is what the school has been pushing.  Medicate, medicate, medicate.  How about teaching her how to deal with it and manage it herself?  Cause you know what she'll probably be like this her whole life.  Medication isn't ALWAYS the answer people. 

Does anyone else have issues with this?  How do you cope?

She has a lazy teacher this year also, who does not want to work with her at all.  Last year her teacher was awesome and Hailey did great with her, all A's and B's.  Yeah, we had to get on her sometimes when she would slack off, but don't you with any kid?



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